Group Events

The party was organised in THE FAMOUS Marchmount Bowling Club.

We have been told that the Club Members were very excited and out of their 200 members 198 attended the event for the "Indian Food Tonight" . Some of the members were of the nature that they have never tasted the Indian Food and when this opportunity was given to them they said we are happy to have you here and we will certainly start having Indian food now on-wards. There are other stories as well we experienced while the event was going on. One of the stories worth sharing is , One elderly gentleman came up to me and said I have never tasted Indian food but when I saw your Lamb curry I thought to try your lamb only from the lamb curry, upon trying lamb, I realized it is very soft and just gulped it and I really like the flavors in it. He also mentioned I am married for 40 years and wife is cooking lamb and that lamb is chew and not as soft and as flavored as yours ever. For us also it was very interactive and encouraging experience because nothing better than getting first hand experience of guests of our food.We are looking to do more of the same within the society.